For the 2021 season, we will be introducing our Gloss White Dance Floor that will be available for rent with any of our tent packages. The modular dance floor comes in 1m X 1m sections and can can be sized to your specifications.

These dance floor sections are priced at $23.50 per square meter including installation. Pricing for some common dance floor sizes are shown in the price chart below:

Dance Floor SizePrice
3m X 3m$211.50
3m X 4m$282.00
3m X 5m$352.50
4m X 4m$376.00
4m X 5m$470.00
4m X 6m$564.00
5m X 5m$587.50
5m X 6m$705.00
5m X 7m$822.50
6m X 7m$987.00

Slight shifting of floor pieces may occur if placed on uneven surface.