Why Have a Tent Wedding?

With more and more venues popping up every year to host your big day, the amount of options can certainly seem overwhelming! While these venues each offer their own unique characteristics that can make for wonderful celebrations and photographs, they aren’t the only option. Tent weddings have been a staple all over North America for years, and for good reason! If you are fortunate enough to own or have access to a property large enough to host your wedding and have the room to set up a tent, you might find that there are tons of benefits that you haven’t even thought about yet.

Probably the biggest overlooked benefit to having a tent wedding is that it is hosted on familiar territory. Not only does this eliminate lots of travel and challenges trying to find accommodations, but it gives you the chance to relive the day over again every time you visit. With fixed wedding venue locations, once the night of your wedding comes to a close, you will likely never revisit the location again. If you are able to host a wedding on more familiar territory, every time you set foot there you are reminded of your walk down the aisle and relive those special moments over and over again. We have spoken to several brides that have gotten married either on their own property or at a family farm / acreage and they have all said the same thing – every time they revisit the location of the ceremony, it’s like reliving the moment of “I-do” over and over again.

Another benefit to having a tent wedding is having total control of all facets of the event. There are so many restrictions that venues can place that can complicate your plans or add hidden costs. Some things that are often overlooked are times at which the property is accessible, corkage fees, place setting charges, limited catering or bar service options and end times that (let’s be real) are way sooner than any party ought to end! When you have your wedding at these venues, you are using someone else’s property and effectively are subject to their rules and policies. By hosting your wedding on your own property, you are in complete control of all aspects of the day (and night!) so you can make it everything you want with no compromise.

This isn’t meant to but down fixed venues as they are certainly some of the most beautiful places to tie the knot. They certainly have their place, however, we just wanted to bring light to some of the benefits that are often overlooked of having a tent wedding on your own property. In the end – the most important thing is that the bride and groom find a venue that they love and that fits their budget. If by chance that does happen to require a beautiful tent package delivered and set up at your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!