Gain some additional protection from the elements by adding sidewalls to your tent package.

Our sidewalls are made from a heavy-duty, transparent, PVC material and can offer additional protection from wind and rain while not blocking out the natural light from the tent.

Our sidewalls are priced at $9.50 per linear meter including installation. The total price to add sidewalls to any of our complete tent rental packages is shown in the price table below.

Tent Size (10m-Wide Tents)Side Wall Price
10m X 6m$304.00
10m X 9m$361.00
10m X 12m$418.00
10m X 15m$475.00
10m X 18m$532.00
10m X 21m$589.00
Tent Size (12m Wide Tents)Side Wall Price
12m X 9m$399.00
12m X 12m$456.00
12m X 15m$513.00
12m X 18m$570.00
12m X 21m$627.00
12m X 24m$684.00